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Pelvic Floor Exercises Information | How to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and get the most from your pelvic floor exercises.
Pelvic Floor Exercises Health Professionals & Practitioners Price List.
Pelvic Floor Exercise: research-based information and quality exercise products to help you achieve a stronger pelvic floor, from Australia's leading pelvic floor resource.
Strong pelvic floor muscles can help you to:
  • overcome incontinence
  • prepare for, and recover from, childbirth
  • overcome sexual difficulties and erection problems
  • prevent or treat weakness of the bladder and prolapses
Learn more about:
  • our pelvic floor and how to do your exercises
  • how to make your pelvic floor exercises really effective
  • a complete range of pelvic floor exercisers that can help
  • pelvic pain , prolapse ,recovery from childbirth, hysterectomy and incontinence surgery
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Pelvic Floor Exercise: research-based information and quality exercise products to help you achieve a stronger pelvic floor, from Australia's leading pelvic floor resource.

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Electrical Stimulation


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Spring Exercisers

Did you know? Many mothers suffer
Pelvic Floor Exercise featured in two articles in the My Child and Cosmo Pregnancy magazines recently. These are superb articles and highlights the steps you can take to get your pelvic floor in tip top shape.

Click any of the magazine images below to download and read the full articles. (PDF)
My Child Magazine article - pelvic floor exercise

My Child Magazine.

One of the most embarrassing health issues a woman can face is urinary incontinence.

The main cause is a weak pelvic floor more.

Cosmo Pregnancy.
Wet yourself laughing lately? Don't let incontinence rain on your preg parade more.

Additional information on choosing a pelvic floor exerciser.

Prolapse: pelvic floor exercises help to overcome pelvic organ prolapse.
Cosmo Peganancy article
We recommend the following products to help assist
with pelvic floor recovery.

During your pregnancy.
Some helpful products for maintaining pelvic floor strength:


After your pregnancy .
You may find the following helpful:

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Pelvic floor exercise for men

Men's Pelvic Floor Exercises
Strong pelvic floor muscles are important for men too. Women have been encouraged to exercise their pelvic floor muscles for decades, but now we understand that it is just as vital for men, and especially for men with specific health issues...more»

Healthy Pelvic Floor
Women with healthy pelvic floors should still train up their pelvic floor muscles, according to Dr Pauline Chiarelli, who says people typically lose 30 per cent of muscle strength between ages 27 and 70 because of ageing. "The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the body. If you don't use it, you'll lose it."
"The Australian"

Pelvic Muscle Exercises
"Although most women with pelvic floor disorders are familiar with pelvic muscle exercises, less than one fourth could perform adequate contractions at the time of initial evaluation."
"Moen MD and others"

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