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EVB Boxer Briefs


Brand: EVB Code: EVBB


 PLEASE NOTE! sale pricing valid only within Australia, orders to overseas addresses will be refunded.


* Whilst these are called Boxer briefs, they are not boxers or briefs (underpants) as we know them in Australia. They are named as such by the Irish manufacturer from whom we import them. Please be aware that they do not have a cotton gusset as yu may expect briefs to have here. You are advised to wear your normal underpants underneath this support garment 



The Boxer Brief is ideal for everyday wear providing support for:

  • low back pain
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • pelvic floor support
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • urinary incontinence
  • following pelvic surgery such as hysterectomy or prolapse repair
  • postnatally
  • if you are on your feet all day
  • lift a lot


EVB Boxer Briefs are designed to be worn underneath clothes but not in lieu of underapnts. They are designed to give built -in support.

To ensure best fit, these garments go by waist size. If the sizing is correct at waist, the support will be in the right places due to their unique design. This means depending on your shape eg pear, apple, hourglass etc you may need to wiggle them up. EVB’s may be difficult to get on but once on you should be able to get three fingers into the waistband.

Please watch the EVB fitting video HERE

                               Waist in Inches                Waist in cm
EVB 6                         24.6- 26.5                   62.48- 67.31
EVB 8                         27- 30.5                      68.58- 77.47
EVB 10                       31- 33                         78.74- 83.82
EVB 12                       33.5- 35.5                   85.09- 90.17
EVB 14                       36- 39                         91.44- 99.06
EVB 16                       39.5- 42                     100.33- 106.68
EVB 18                       42.5- 45                     107.95- 114.3



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