PFXA: Pelvic floor exerciser with anal sensor
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PFXA: Pelvic floor exerciser with anal sensor


Brand: Laborie Code: PFX09121




Anal biofeedback and strengthening for both men and women

The PFXA is a quality, easy to use biofeedback exerciser (or perineometer) specially designed and calibrated for anal use, and endorsed by many physiotherapists and specialist practitioners.

The PFXA and the PFX/PFX2 are very similar in appearance.

The handles can be used with either sensor HOWEVER different tubing is required as the attachments differ as does the calibration of pressure measurement.
See replacement parts for extra tubing and sensors

The PFXA consists of:

  • an indicator unit
  • a silicone sensor
  • a connecting tube.

The three parts are packaged in a presentation pack and are easily fitted together. They are accompanied by an instruction booklet covering both the PFX and the PFXA giving clear instructions on how to handle and insert the sensor into the anus, how to exercise, and how to interpret readings. Guidelines for exercise duration and frequency are also provided. We also include our own instructions written by our pelvic floor physiotherapist, Fiona Rogers.

The device uses air to sense the amount of squeeze the muscles are able to exert and displays a reading on the indicator unit. Improvement is measured by increases in the level indicated on the unit's gauge, but to ensure consistent readings, it is important that exercises are done in the same position. As muscle strength increases, the device can be adjusted back to a "zero" base reading. It can also be used to train relaxation of over tight or hypertonic pelvic floor muscles.

The PFXA should be disconnected after each use, and the sensor and tube washed with soap and water and dried. Insertion of the sensor is made easier by the use of a very small amount of water-based lubricant - but be careful not to use too much. We recommend YES WB as the best product for this purpose. It come sin 50ml and 100ml sizes. If you do choose to use a lubricant, you must ensure that you wash the sensor immediately after use to remove all traces of lubricant, then dry the sensor before storage. Failure to remove lubricant may cause the sensor to lose tension. The PFXA comes with instructions on caring for all components.

The PFXA is an excellent choice for:

  • WOMEN experiencing faecal incontinence, to help improve anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscle function.
  • MEN experiencing faecal or urinary incontinence including pre and post prostate  surgery and to treat erectile dysfunction.


The PFXA is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and no GST is payable; it carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty..

*Regretfully we are unable to supply this product to the US as it is yet to gain FDA approval

Visual Feedback:   
Sheath: 60mm long, 16mm diameter
Connecting tube: approx 750mm
Reading unit: 180mm x 75mm
Box: 260mm x 195mm
Manufacturer's recommendations for use:
10 mins, once or twice a day for building strength; weekly or monthly thereafter for maintenance PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISE supplies our own instructions written by our pelvic floor physiotherapist to ensure you get the optimum from your pFXA


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