How to achieve better results with your pelvic floor exercises
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How to achieve better results with your pelvic floor exercises

Why are women sometimes unsuccessful in strengthening their pelvic floor?

Often because they don't exercise often enough, and for long enough. Women report that they don't remember, they find it hard to fit exercises into daily life, they feel uncertain about whether the exercises are working and whether they are doing them correctly, particularly in the early stages
The use of devices can help address some of these problems and encourage women to continue their pelvic floor fitness and strengthening regimes.
Most importantly many women find that using a pelvic floor exercise device produces better results than unassisted exercising, so they are encouraged to keep going.
Maintaining your own motivation is half the battle with home-based exercising. Women drop out of assisted pelvic floor exercise programs that require clinic attendance because it's just too hard to keep appointments (MacInnes 2008), but home-based exercising can be done at any time that suits you. Exercise devices help to maintain that all-important motivation.

What evidence is there for the use of pelvic floor exercisers?

There is a growing amount of research showing many women achieve better results when they use pelvic floor exercise devices to assist them in doing pelvic floor exercises. See our RESEARCH pages for more information on vaginal balls and weightsbiofeedback and electrical stimulation (NMES or E-stim)
Dr Kegel, the originator of the kegel exercise program, never intended his exercises to be conducted on an empty vagina. He developed an exercising product similar to the perineometers (eg PFX2 and Pelvic Floor Educator ) in use today. Somewhere along the line, his message has been lost and for many years women have been encouraged to try unassisted exercising.
For many women, this presents difficulties and they may be able to achieve better results with the assistance of a pelvic floor exercise or strengthening device. Read more about the value of using a pelvic floor exercise or strengthening device.
Many good pelvic floor exercisers have been available for sometime but are often hard to track down, particularly for women who want to exercise independently at home. Pelvic Floor Exercise brings together a range of the best devices available on the Australian market, to make choosing and buying easier. Browse through our unique product range.

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