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Weights and Feedback Combo Pack PFX/ Aquaflex/ free waterworks




Combining Weights - Aquaflev and Feedback PFX plus a free Women's water works

The perfect choice for women who are new to exercising and can't decide whether weights or feedback will suit them best. Buy both and save. RRP of these three products is AUD$250, so buy in a combo and save.


Visual Feedback:NoAdjustable Resistance:Adjustable, progressive vaginal weightsResistance type:Weight/GravitySize:Larger cone: 65mm long, 27mm diameter
Smaller cone: 65mm long, 20mm diameter
Weights: 1x5g, 1x10g, 2x20gManufacturer's recommendations
for use:20 mins per day, every day for first 8-12 weeks and 20 mins once or twice a week thereafter for maintenance

Please note that manufacturers of vaginal weights warn that they may not suitable for use with a genital prolapse, since the prolapsed organs may prevent the weight or ball from being positioned correctly. The exception is Smartballs Teneo Uno, which the manufacturer states is designed for use by women with a prolapse and may suit some women with this condition. For more information, we advise that you consult your health practitioner. Read more about prolapse and pelvic floor exercises.

Aquaflex cones are manufactured from medical grade plastic but are not manufactured under sterile conditions and we therefore recommend cleaning before initial use.


The PFX2 is easily adjusted to your increasing muscle tone, and thus will not normally be "outgrown" whilst being used to build up pelvic floor strength. However it is important to remember that it is designed for women with an existing pelvic floor weakness. Women who already have reasonable pelvic floor muscle strength may find that a perineometer that can be inflated to offer stronger resistance better meets their needs.

The PFX2 consists of an indicator unit, a sensor unit incorporating a silicone sheath, and a connecting tube. The three parts are packaged in a presentation pack and accompanied by a nine-page instruction booklet. The PFX2 is the most popular of the perineometers available in Australia today.

The three components are easily fitted together. Clear instructions outline how to handle and insert the sensor into the vagina, how to exercise, and how to interpret readings. Guidelines for exercise duration and frequency are also provided.

The device uses air to sense the amount of squeeze the pelvic floor muscles are able to exert and displays a reading on the indicator unit. Improvement is measured by increases in the level indicated on the unit's gauge, but to ensure consistent readings, it is important that exercises are done in the same position.

The PFX2 should be disconnected after each use, and the sensor and tube washed with soap and water and dried. A small amount of a water-based lubricant can be helpful when inserting the sensor, but it is important to wash this off immediately after use, or it will cause the silicone sheath to lose tension. The PFX2 comes with complete instructions on caring for all components.

The PFX2 is an excellent choice for women who are embarking on an exercise program since, compared with other air pressure devices, its read-out gauge covers a relatively small range; this narrow range means that it's easy to see the effect of each "squeeze and hold" contraction. In addition, the PFX2 is very sensitive at the lower end of the range, providing rewarding feedback even to beginners who can only produce a faint muscle movement.

The PFX2 is also an excellent choice of exerciser for women with a prolapse. Read why.

Insertion of the sensor is sometimes made easier by the use of a very small amount of water-based lubricant - but be careful not to use too much. We stock Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant as the best product for this purpose. If you do choose to use a lubricant, you must ensure that you wash the sensor immediately after use to remove all traces of lubricant, then dry the sensor before storage. Failure to remove lubricant may cause the sensor to lose tension.

Women using the PFX2 for personal use will rarely have to replace the sensor. Treated properly it will last a lifetime, making the PFX2 a much more economical buy than some feedback exercisers that require a new sensor each month.

However we do stock replacement sensors to meet the needs of physiotherapists who use the PFX2 in their practice. We also stock the PFXA with anal sensor for women experiencing faecal incontinence and for strengthening the male pelvic floor. Read more...

Read our information leaflet about using a perineometer like the PFX2 (PDF).

The PFX2 is featured in Women's Waterworks.

The PFX2 is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and no GST is payable. All products in our PFX range carry a lifetime guarantee as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed in their use.

Spare parts for PFX available here.

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