Adhesive TENS electrodes 50x50mm 4pack
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Adhesive TENS electrodes 50x50mm 4pack


Brand: VERITY Code: VS5050




Adhesive electrodes 50x50mm 4 pack

  • Verity brand quality adhesive external electrodes 
  • Compatible with all electrical stimulation and EMG machines we sell
  • Ideal for sacral or tibial stimulation for urinary and faecal urgency
  • Supplied size with TENS machines 

Applying the electrode

  • Ensure that the stimulation device is switched off prior to applying or removing the electrode, and disconnect the wire from the stimulation device.
  • Apply electrode only to unbroken skin. Clean the area where the electrode is to be applied with soap and water. Rinse and dry.
  • With the electrode still on the liner, attach the unattached lead wire from stimulation device to the electrode connector.
  • Remove the electrode from liner by gripping the edge of the electrode and peeling it off the liner. Keep the liner for storing the electrode after use.
  • DO NOT pull electrode from backing by the wire lead you will damage it.
  • Place the electrode on the requried location by applying the centre of the electrode first and smoothing down to the edges.
  • Finally, attach the lead wire to stimulation device.


  • Turn off the stimulation device and disconnect the lead wire from the device.
  • Remove the electrode from skin by peeling from electrode edge.
  • Place back on to liner.
  • DO NOT remove by pulling on the lead as you will damage it.

Re-Application and Storage

Between uses, return the electrode to the liner and store in the resealable bag in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Electrode life / longevity

  • The life of the electrode varies depending on skin conditions, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage, and climate.
  • For best results store adhesive electrodes in the fridge
  • If losing stickiness- apply a drop of water in middle of electrode and wipe it over surface, air dry and then use - it should regain some stickiness/adhesion
  • REPLACE if full surface of electrode won't stick to skin, or if it falls off easily during use.
  • ** The stimulation will only be emitted via the area if electrode that ahderes to skin, if the full area is not adhered, the electrical current will be concentrated over a smaller surface area and may cause skin irritation

Adhesive external electrodes 50x50mm(square): 4 per pack

  • Soft white cloth backing, suitable for most areas of the body
  • High quality hydrogel and conductive carbon film
  • Water based gel makes it skin friendly and allergy free (exclusions possible)
  • Do not use alcohol wipes or other liquids to clean the front or gel side of the electrodes!
  • Latex free
  • CE marked

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