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FEMMEZE ® Vaginal Trainer


Brand: MDT Code: 40075





Hygienic support for rectocele *

The Femmeze® is ideal for those women who currently have to support themselves when emptying their bowel, either with hand pressure or by inserting a finger into the vagina to support the back wall and allow defaecation to occur.

Femmeze® has been designed to assist with the distressing condition of a prolapsing bowel known as a rectocele. Any of the pelvic organs can prolapse or bulge against the walls of the vagina. When the back wall ( towards your tailbone) stretches and weakens, your bowel can bulge down which you may feel as a lump or fullness in the vagina. Read more about prolapse here Your bowel can still function quite happily with a rectocele but may need some help with emptying more easily. When doing a bowel motion you probably find yourself either supporting the perineum (between the vagina and the anus ) with your hand, or inserting a finger into the vagina and pushing against the back wall to support your rectocele and assist the bowel motion to come out.

The Femmeze® may be used as part of the care and self-management for women with a rectocele.

Femmeze® is shaped like a shoehorn, the paddle end of the device is gently inserted into the vagina to allow you to support your rectocele whilst emptying your bowel. The paddle section sits against the back wall of the vagina, supporting it whilst you do a bowel motion. This results in less stretching and helps to prevent further damage as well as facilitating a more complete and comfortable emptying of the bowel.

The Femmeze® has been designed to be safe, easy and convenient to use whilst being able to be stored in a discreet and easily manageable bag, which also includes space for sachets or a small tube of lubricant such as YES

Using Femmeze® to support your prolapse when on the toilet should be considered as only part of your management strategy for your rectocele. Good bowel habits are also essential as is your posture on the loo and the way you push to empty. An excellent resource for bowel management, function and pelvic  floor health is the book Good Bowel Habit by Gastroenterologist Dr Robyn Nagel and Physiotherapist Shirley Owen.



  • FEMMEZE® support for prolapse
  • Instructions for use
  • Discreet washable, black storage bag
  • Two sachets of Optilube lubricant


* This is a single person use product. DO NOT insert into rectum , it inserts into the vagina


*Regretfully we are unable to supply this product to the US as it is yet to gain FDA approval


Femmeze® pack contains
1x Femmeze®
2x sachets of lubricant
1x instructions for use
In a discreet, washable, black storage bag

Conformity: MDD 2007/47/EC
                        CE classification Class 1

Material Specification: POM Coploymer (ACETAL)
                                     Colour Pink

Size:  17cm x 8cm x 2.5cm

Pack dimension and weight :19cm x 12cm x 3 cm  100 grams.

Recommended that product be replaced every 5 years

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