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EVB Sports Shorts EVB 18


Brand: EVB Sport Code: EVBS18


 PLEASE NOTE! sale pricing valid only within Australia, orders to overseas addresses will be refunded. WE ONLY HAVE SIZE 18 LEFT 

EVB Sports Shorts

EVB garments were designed to give you support in all the right places especially if you are experiencing any form of pelvic floor dysfunction- or if you want to help prevent developing any problems.

Here’s how:

You’ll get the added abdominal and pelvic support you need. The proprietary triple-layer technology combined with the highest quality fabrics (90% Polyamide and10%  Elastine) means you’ll feel “pulled up and in” during even the most arduous workouts!

You’ll look – and move – better. Not only are the shorts great-looking but they’re also designed to support your lower back and remove pressure from your pelvic floor. This is called proprioceptive feedback and helps you to maintain good control as you move from one posture/postion to another – a bit like taping your ankle helps subconscious awareness whilst you play sport.

You’ll feel comfortable and dry. All of the shorts are made with moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial treatments. This means you’ll feel fresh, comfortable and clean regardless of how hard you work out.

You’ll never have to worry about embarrassing light bladder leaks –  or whether your pad will stay in its place –  while exercising.  The shorts’ pelvic support features mean you can focus on your sport, not on unwanted bladder leaks. The sense of support helps to allow your core ( including your pelvic floor) to act automatically and do its job. If you need to wear a pad , the shorts’ integrated mesh lining will hold your pad securely in place, or if you prefer to wear underwear under the shorts, the unique design means no-one will know you are wearing one ! **

** we are not endorsing the LBL culture of just wear a pad. Research shows that one of the main risk factors for SUI ( stress urinary incontinence when exercising, LBL or 'those embarrassing leaks') is BMI. The best way to maintain a healthy BMI is a sensible diet and exercise. If you can't/won't exercise because you leak , then these shorts can help you get started towards your exercise goals.



  •  Compression uplift to support the pelvic floor muscles.
  •  EVB Sports Shorts feature Triple layer strength.
  •  Activates transversus abdominus muscles.
  •  Lower-back support
  •  Pelvic joint control
  •  Unique mesh lining capable of holding a pad securely.
  •  Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial material.
  •  90% Polyamide, 10% Elastine


To ensure best fit, these garments go by waist size. If the sizing is correct at waist, the support will be in the right places due to their unique design. This means depending on your shape eg pear, apple, hourglass etc you may need to wiggle them up. EVB’s may be difficult to get on but once on you should be able to get three fingers into the waistband.

Please watch the EVB fitting video HERE

                  Waist in Inches      Waist in cm
EVB 8              27-30.5               68.58-77.47
EVB 10            31-33                  78.74-83.82
EVB 12            33.5-35.5            85.09-90.17
EVB 14            36-39                  91.44-99.06
EVB 16            39.5-42              100.33-106.68
EVB 18            42.5-45              107.95-114.3
EVB 20            45.5-48              115.57-121.92


Yvonne Brady, the inventor of EVB Support Shorts  is a Chartered Engineer from Ireland. It was only after she had her children that she took up running. In 2010 soon after the birth of her 3rd child she completed the Dublin City Marathon, and it was during the training for this event she realised that the deep core muscles, having gone through the trauma of childbirth, required extra support. Realizing that there was nothing suitable on the market,  she knew she could engineer a solution and EVB was formed.

Yvonne says :

We are working with a team of world class designers and manufactures who have a track record of producing premium sports apparel for leading sports brands. We are also working and collaborating with the top physiotherapists and Universities in Ireland and the UK in terms of our serious commitment to providing real solutions in terms of support apparel. At EVB Sport we are committed to enabling you reach your potential.“


You can download their full brochure HERE

EXCHANGE/REFUNDS : Please check sizing on receipt. As applicable under the Trade Practices Act, undergarments cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. These shorts are designed to be firm.
Please try your shorts on over underwear, and if you feel the fit is not right, remove and return in original condition, in original packaging and include a return self-addressed postage bag for your return item. Please include reason for return and exchange size required. Your postage costs to PFLEX are non-refundable. Under no circumstances can we refund/exchange if garment has been worn, or not cared for as per instructions.
Returns must be notified to us within 7 days of receipt.

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