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Brand: Fun Factory Code: SBUNO



Smartballs Teneo Uno is a single ball design, slightly elliptical in shape, with an internal weight inside the ball. It is made of body-safe phalate-free silicone.

A product of the FunFactory - the source of some of the world's most innovative adult toys - Smartballs were originally designed as pleasure devices for women. With research now showing that vaginal balls can be an effective means of building pelvic floor strength and function, Smartballs' value as an exercise device has been recognised.

Inserted vaginally, the weight within Uno moves silently creating a sensation or vibration which provides stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles as well as proprioceptive feedback that you are using the correct muscles.
Uno features an ergonomically formed finger hollow between the cord attachment points to make insertion simple.

The Smartballs Teneo range offers a wide range of pelvic floor exercise solutions:

  • Both Teneo products can be worn discreetly .
  • Research has shown that pelvic floor contractions with balls in place are more effective that contractions on an empty vagina (Glavind, Arvonen, ).
  • The 36mm diameter of the Teneo Uno designs means that they can also offer a useful starting point for women with a weakened pelvic floor or larger hiatal width, who are unable to hold a narrower cone. Used in sequence, the Teneo range can offer a weight progression from the Uno's 42g to the Duo's 85g.
  • Smartballs Teneo Uno and Duo can also both be combined with an external weights set for active pelvic floor weights exercising. Start with a Smartballs Teneo Uno and progress to a Teneo Duo. Combine both with PelviWeights for active weight training, offering a unique challenge to women at every level of pelvic floor strength. Specifically, active pelvic floor weight training allows women whose pelvic floor muscles are already reasonably strong to increase muscle strength to meet greater challenges of high end sport.


Insertion of Smartballs is made easier by the use of a small amount of water-based lubricant such YES WB organic 50ml or 100ml or SYLK Natural Personal Lubricant.
Only water-based lubricant should be used with Smartballs, and it should be washed off immediately after use, to avoid any deterioration of the silicone.

Smartballs Teneo Uno is intended by the manufacturer to be suitable for women with a mild prolapse, although the ability to use Teneo Uno will depend on the exact nature and degree of prolapse. A prolapse that sits at the vaginal opening will prevent the correct postioning of the ball for it to be effective.


Visual Feedback:
No when used alone.
Yes when used with PelviWeights

Adjustable Resistance:
No when Teneo Uno or Duo used alone
Yes, when both Teneo products used in progression, or when either product is used with PelviWeights

Resistance type:

Length of ball:  Teneo Uno 43mm
Length of cord:  90mm
Diameter : 36mm
Weight : Teneo Uno42g

Smartballs are designed and manufactured from medical grade odourless and hypoallergenic silicone,with a loop cord fully fashioned from silicone, but not in sterile conditions and we therefore suggest cleaning before initial use

Please note that we sell only authentic Fun Factory Smartballs. We have seen many examples of Chinese-manufactured fake Smartballs in circulation. These can look very authentic and seem to be a bargain. However closer examination betrays poor quality materials and manufacturing processes. In particular, we have been concerned that

  • the poor adhesion between the outer and inner layers of these fake products presents a very real infection risk to users
  • the material used in construction can "crumble", creating a risk that residual material will be left in the vagina after use.

We therefore stock only authentic high quality Fun Factory originals, in the belief that our customers are prepared to pay more for a safe product.
We strive to bring you the best price and minimum postage Smartballs enhance successful pelvic exercises, think of these Smartballs as your own pelvic mini gym.
Smartballscan often be know as smart balls, fun factory smartballs, a pelvic exerciser. Smalrt balls are also referred to as kegel exercises for the pelvic floor.

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