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Total Control Pelvic Pyramid DVD


Brand: Womens Health Code: TCPPD



Total Control is an all-round core stability and pelvic floor workout, with 75 mins of guided exercise designed by doctors and physiotherapists. It is clear and easy to follow.

The Total Control program is a ground-breaking, medically-based fitness program developed by doctors, physios and fitness experts on behalf of the US Women's Health Foundation. Initially available only in classes, it has now been made available on DVD to enable women to follow the program in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

The producers state that by following the Total Control exercise program you will learn:

  • to isolate and engage the pelvic pyramid (the muscles of the pelvic floor, and the core stability muscles)
  • key stability and mobility exercises essential to pelvic health and optimising bladder control
  • effective full-body resistance workout, proven in medical research to promote flatter tummies and improve sex and orgasms
  • important information from leading doctors and physios, as well as program participants
  • tips and useful information on alleviating symptoms


The Women's Health Foundation was founded by Melissa Lavender, after the birth of her first son left her incontinent. She determined to seek out solutions for herself, and the Foundation was the result. The organisation conducts a range of educational and health promotion activities, including the development of the Total Control Program, which is available in the US via classes and DVD.

This DVD represents excellent value, with over 75 minutes of guided exercises. In addition, 18 minutes of informative presentations by US presenters includes a substantial amount of interest to Australian women. (although a few points about access to services are only relevant to the US).

Exercises in theTotal Control Program are floor-based, so can easily be done anywhere. The exercises require only the minimum equipment of a resistance band and 15cm ball, which can be bought in any sports, fitness, exercise equipment or chain store.

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